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Reaching 500!

Whuupping’A mateys! Due to your unprecedented support this sucking blog has got 500 visitors.This will be reported in Rosetta Disc for reference of future brainiac human race. Study will show what was wrong with such 500 brains who visited and appreciated this blog.Till than sayonara and Asta la vista!

P.S: Keep visiting this blog until you find something useful and fruitful work to do.Don’t hesitate to put some shitty comments.

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The fun time at Bombay Blues and ONGC Bridge

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Day in Life

How a single day in your life can affect you?

I think except very few days,a day is just a day.A well gone,nicely passed simple day.Nothing happened which can be so important that you tell it as a story to your loved one.On which you can laugh,you can cry,you can tease,you can just feel it any how but altogether.You start talking about your story and after sometime you realize that you have left that story somewhere behind but still you are talking endlessly.You have no idea how did you come to that topic but you are enjoying it.and after a while,you just forget your old story,your exciting story.But you think that whatever is going on,is the best thing happened in day.This day is one of the day which affects your life.It’s just not a day anymore now.

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