Name is spelled as Rikil Shah.Meaning of name “Rikil” is unknown to god and  also doesn’t sound good but what we can do?We accept as it is! Virtually unemployed but enrolled in NIT,Surat for Electronics and Communication Engineering. Due to lack of some serious activity,completed 3 years in same place. Sometimes makes some useless robots,circuits which usually never worked.Wasted!He sometimes also claims himself as winner of Freescale smart competition 2010 by showing fake photos and videos. His Laughter is totally embarrassing.People digs a hole in shame using there toe! His biggest delusion is he thinks himself so funny.Daaym!He sucks for god’s sake.Can’t make a single dog laugh.Tho worst part is in this false impression he kills other people’s good joke.Epic. His real weight is around 200-250 kgs but lies about it.He says it is just 91 kgs.Liar! Not much black but not beautiful also. and Hairstyle…woah! Dude has no idea what he is doing with hair.Totally sucks. Talks too much about anything and has no idea what he is speaking.Shows off several times about things he has never known. One very weird thing.Sometimes he thinks that Earth is Flat! I mean “WTF,Dude!” No special quality to say.Below average student.Sucker! Final thought.There is a talk around that he is running some sucker blog.Don’t ever,Never Visit that blog.

After reading all of this I think you might not want to contact him at all but for future reference never add this email ID and phone no. to your contact list.

College ID:
Facebook Profile here.
Twitter Profile here.


2 thoughts on “Bio


    i think he is my paa….love u paa….really u r most different “thing” i ever seen before my college life.In future i may live wherever,or whatever i do,you and the funny memories spent with you….i can’t never forget…….

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