An interview with myself

Rikil: Hi, thanks for giving your invaluable time.

Me: Baah! ok ok. Let’s not waste time and continue with the thing.

Rikil: Oh sorry sir, ok first question. Who are you?

Me: I am an Electronics engineer with little knowledge in it.

Rikil: Oh little? haha we thought it as zero!

Me: I am not comfortable with this interview.Can I go?

Rikil: Oh so so sorry! Ok second question. Sir, what are you doing after your graduation?

Me: Ok.I was placed,let’s not laugh, in TCS and IBM. But I don’t have any aptitude in IT jobs as such. So I decided to stay in Surat. I got job at Lexus Softmac because I’ve completed my internship over there. There are some nice people out there who taught me a lot.

Rikil: Oh that is nice. So, can you just tell us about Lexus Softmac?

Me: Lexus SoftMac is a company engaged in making Diamond manufacturing machines. They have global presence in this field. Even though they are smaller then their competitor, their technology is better then any one else. Innovation with quality is their USP.

Rikil: Nice to see a Indian company doing such great thing. What was your role out there?

Me: Haha, I was involved in almost all the departments. But my major task was to handle the manufacturing of special thing which I can’t mention here.

Rikil: Oh,was it secret?

Me; Yup,it is. Only 2 companies have this technology. Lexus is 3rd. Even Indian Military needs this technology.

Rikil: Yay, it must exciting,right?

Me: Yeah, but it was routine for us.

Rikil: Ok ok. Next question.Why did you left Lexus?

Me: Surprising thing it was, for all. There was no problem at Lexus but the thing is, I wanted do something on my own.My interest was in embedded system and electronics even though i have little knowledge in it.

Rikil: Little? Haha!

Me: Why the hell…ok thats it I am going.

Rikil: No no please sir.I will loose my job if don’t complete this.

Me: Than behave yourself.

Rikil: Yes sir, sorry sir. So what are you doing right now?

Me: I have founded a company names Robosis. It is involved in field of Robotics,Automation and electronics. We give consultancy,design and manufacturing services. Also robotics training is also one of the major area of interest. We are in process of product development so pretty soon, you will hear about it.

Rikil; Awesome! What is the meaning of Robosis?

Me:Haha, its just wordplay of genesis merged with Robot. So ROBOSIS!

Rikil:You’ve got cool logo.

Me: Yup,I designed it.

Rikil: Great. So, sir We thank you again for your time. We wish you best of luck for future.,

Me: Thank you.

Rikil: Sir one, off the record question if you don’t mind.

Me: Yeah,sure.

Rikil: Is it really little or is it zero?

Me: Tari ma**, *%$&#*


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