Reaching 500!

Whuupping’A mateys! Due to your unprecedented support this sucking blog has got 500 visitors.This will be reported in Rosetta Disc for reference of future brainiac human race. Study will show what was wrong with such 500 brains who visited and appreciated this blog.Till than sayonara and Asta la vista!

P.S: Keep visiting this blog until you find something useful and fruitful work to do.Don’t hesitate to put some shitty comments.

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2 thoughts on “Reaching 500!

  1. Nawab says:

    One of the worlds pathetic blogger…… What a cliched and banal style of writing… Even a 5 year old child can write better than this… Stop writing and spare the readers of the horror…. No originality, no humor … Poor English….. and what note…… Can write a book on the errors in this blog….. Loser at its best…. You will remain a VIRGIN for the rest of your life…. Mark my words……

    • Rikil K Shah says:

      Thank you sir. You are the first person to recognize the real me.No one was so true and appropriate about me and my sucking linguistic skills.I am so honored to meet a person like you. Once again, Thank you!

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