Fun with AT commands on your Nokia

Now first of all non-techies(mechies too :P) ,those who are not aware of AT commands,why are you still alive on mother earth and in case if you want to continue your living than read this article first.To show my greatness I would like to say AT commands are standard set of commands to communicate with GSM mobile.Now ya’ll be thinking why the F I need to use them?’Cause It’s fun  dumbos !:D and also this will teach you how to mess with you phone! 😉


Nokia phone (me poor thingy used Nokia 5130-c 😦 )

Windows OS (Will try on Linux soon)

Nokia PC suite (For USB to Serial drivers)

A sledgehammer(To crush your phone in case this tutorial doesn’t work)

Don’t be wiseass and follow my lead step by step:

1>Open hyperterminal . Program>Accessories>Communication>hyperterminal

Initial Screen

Give any name

2>Now here country code,area code and phone no. are not important so don’t get confused.Important thing is selecting your phone from list.Here I expect that you have installed Nokia PC suite already otherwise your phone will not appear here.

Make sure your mobile is listed here

3>After that select cancel in every dialog box.Yes cancel.

Now go to File>Properties

Now go to Settings tab and press “ASCII Setup” button.

Apply this configuration

4>Now you are ready to send your first command to your mobile.

Type AT+CMGF=1.If everything is correct than it should return OK.

5>There are plenty of commands you can I will show you how to send SMS using AT command.

Type AT+CMGS=”no whom you want to send msg with country code”

e.g AT+CMGS=”+919428577894″

Than a prompt will come. Type your message there.When you are done press Ctrl + Z and than press Enter.Voila! SMS is sent.

You can explore a lot many command but don’t mess with mobile! 😛

Suggestions,doubts and appreciations are subject to comments.Peace.

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21 thoughts on “Fun with AT commands on your Nokia

  1. Samir Sirohi says:

    Better explanation than Shweta’s GSM lab… And that fooking ‘GSM kit’ which just won’t work.

  2. punj says:

    yup, better than sweta’s

  3. Mihir Shah says:

    This is just a small part of the Nokia Fun…

    The applications are other part of the Nokia Fun…

    Check out the Flashing of Nokia phones with customized self made Firmwares…. I have all the tutorials for them but I fear flashing my phone (5800XM)… Will surely do it soon once I get a spare backup phone….

  4. Ahmed Iyad says:

    Hey buddy this was easier than any of those AT Tutorials can u also post one which shows how to recive a msg using AT Commands? Please mail me

  5. Sanjay says:

    i want info. abt gsm modem availability & price, how i got cheapest price & i want to connect it with PLC for my project, hope a help from you, waiting for ur rply.

  6. sahana reddy says:

    hi rikil tutorial is nice ,but did you try for reading an sms ?

    i tried but dint work ,please look at it once

  7. fipson says:

    hello i try the command AT+CMGL=4 but my hyperteminal present one error.i don’t no what i do? please help me

  8. fipson2006 says:

    hello i try the command AT+CMGL=4 but my hyperteminal present one error.i don’t no what i do? please help me

  9. Rikil K Shah says:

    Dear all,

    This PDF contains reference to all AT commands. A very good reference guide.

  10. kalliskalyan says:

    Hi ,
    I am trying to interfacing the same phone above with a microcontroller….u hav any idea on how to do it

  11. shraddha says:

    i am using a bluetooth module aubtm 20… after the connection is established i try to send at command to nokia cell phone..but the connection gets disconnected almost immediately… plz help..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Rikil
    We are trying to transfer data packets from PC to microcontroller over GSM line by using mobile phones as a modem. But we are absolute beginners about mobile communication. We are experienced with PIC’s and a little bit C#. Do you know that, only way of using mobile phones as a modem is programming with AT commands? or is there another way?

    • Rikil K Shah says:

      Yes, AT commands is the only way to communicate with mobile phones. But I don’t think that AT commands are that hard to implement. In C# you are just supposd to add Serial class and you are good to go.

      let me know where you’re stuck!

  13. Muzammil says:

    Would Please resolve the issue of reading a message?
    I tried AT+CMGR=1
    but it gives ERROR
    Please resolve this issue

    • Rikil K Shah says:

      Is your modem replying “OK” when AT command is given?

      If works then follow this steps:

      Give command AT+CMGF=1. Should reply with OK.

      Enter AT+CMGF=? and should get reply

      IF you get OK then, enter AT+CPMS=”SM”

      And now you enter, AT+CMGR=1.

      Also go through guide for AT commands.You’ll find one in above comments .

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